The Davis Bilingual Magnet School philosophy begins with the belief that all children can learn; we also strongly believe that all children can and should acquire a second language and multicultural appreciation.

The Davis faculty and staff are united in our commitment to create a safe, nurturing, and academically challenging environment in which our diverse community of learners can achieve their best. We believe that each child comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and personal experiences, and that the children's families and cultures are an important part of their identity, which will be recognized and respected. We further believe that family and community members are vital resources in meeting educational goals.

We emphasize self-respect, diverse perspectives and high expectations to foster confidence, excitement and openness in the learning process.
Meeting Schedule
The Nov. 17 meeting was canceled. We will post the new Q2 meeting date once it is scheduled.
Site Council meeting
School Site Council Members
Marisela Campillo
Yvette Lanz
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Alma Murrieta-Armendariz
Alma Billy Irigoyen
Mayte Villegas
Jasmine Martinez
Clarissa Alvarez-Felix
School Site Council Minutes
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