About Aguilitas
Las Aguilitas de Davis is a performing Mariachi group made up of students from grades 1-5 and generally numbers an average of 60 members. Practice takes place after school hours, during our Extended Day program, four days a week. Students perform outside of school hours and occasionally during school hours.

The group plays in a variety of settings, such as other schools, nursing homes, for public functions and has had the honor of playing for many leaders in our state and community. Our mariachi program is an integral part of our students’ Spanish language development; students learn songs in Spanish, helping them with vocabulary and oral proficiency.

All members of Aguilitas are expected to maintain above average grades throughout the school year and serve as positive role models for other students at Davis as well as in our community.
To be able to get into the Aguilitas performing group, students must be able to play 6 songs on their instrument as well as know the lyrics to 3 songs. All students are expected to learn as many song lyrics as they can, especially once they get into the group.

The director will have auditions throughout the school year, and occur when he is notified that a student is ready.
Upon admittance into the group, students are fitted for their uniform (traje). New students may need to wear black and white while the trajes are being made or altered. A traje is comprised of a jacket, pants or skirt, white long-sleeved button-up shirt with collar, necktie (bow-moño), belt, a sombrero, and a hairpiece for girls. They will also need to wear black boots.

Students need to show up for tocadas in full uniform; failure to wear all pieces of the traje will result in the student not being able to perform in that tocada. Please help your child review their traje before leaving the house! Students in Las Aguilitas are expected to maintain their high academic achievement. Students who fall behind may lose privileges to play during school hours.

Regular notes are sent via email, the website, Yahoo user group, and paper notes from school to inform parents of upcoming performances (tocadas). Parents are encouraged to join the Yahoo user group once their child enters Las Aguilitas.

Because of the size of the group, students are divided into different colored groups. There are two group colors for after school performances and there are 3 colors for performances that take place during school hours. These will also be posted and sent home. Parents will be responsible for transporting or arranging transportation for their own child, both during and after school hours. The Yahoo user group is very useful for arranging transportation and carpooling.

Below is the song list for entrance into Aguilitas. Song lyrics can be found on the website under “Cancionero.” The 6 songs can be any of the following:
To Love  God Bless America  Creí 
Solamente una Vez  Viva Chihuahua  Rancho Alegre 
Sabor a Mí  Guadalajara  Cascabel 
México Lindo y Querido  Noche de Ronda  La Múcura 
El Pastor  El Caballito  El Niño Perdido 
La Mochila Azul  Mariachi Loco  Golpe Traidor 
Amorcito Corazón  La Bamba  Usted 
El Balajú     

Davis hosts a 5 week Mariachi camp that usually begins one week after school ends in late May. It generally runs from 12:30-4:30, Monday through Friday.

Students will be able to take classes for violin, trumpet, guitar, guitarrón, vihuela and harp. Students also practice voice and learn the lyrics to new songs. We have student volunteers as well as teachers who work with children at their appropriate level. We often have around 150 students who attend our camp. Information will be available beginning in late April.

Students from outside of Davis are welcome to attend. Adults are also welcome to attend. We have some parents who like to come and learn an instrument with their child or children. This is a fun and memorable summer experience and helps children develop both their social and musical skills. Students perform for their parents twice a week during camp (jam sessions). This is a great opportunity to see how quickly children advance!
Las Aguilitas de Davis partnered with Jose Luis Orozco to record a song.  Read about the event at The Mariachi Miracle website
Las Aguilitas de Davis performed at the KGUN studio as they geared up for the Davis Carnival in October 2017.
Las Aguilitas de Davis performed holiday songs for the Tucson police department.
Members of Las Aguilitas De Davis pose in black trajes with program director Jaime Valenzuela. The children are holding instruments and many guitars are hanging on the wall behind them.